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Cirie Fields Biography Photos Wallpapers

Cirie Fields is an American actress. She is a married mother of three children and a repeat contestant on CBS’s Survivor television series. Fields has appeared in three seasons, Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Micronesia, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

Originally placed in the Casaya tribe consisting of older ladies, she was on the chopping block when they misplaced the very initial immunity problem. However, Fields was able to get Melinda Hyder and Ruth-Marie Milliman to boot Tina Scheer. She stayed on Casaya (Bayoneta and Viveros were disbanded, leaving La Mina as the only opponent) after the schoolyard select in the following episode, and was targeted due to her lack of physical ability but saved once more when Melinda was voted out first.

After the merge, she remained safe as the former La Mina members, Nick Stanbury, Austin Carty, and Sally Schumann were voted out. Cirie proved her observance skills after winning a advantage challenge and chose to bring Aras Baskauskas and Danielle with her, while banishing Terry to Exile Island. While on her reward, original Casaya member Bruce Kanegai was evacuated for a blocked digestive method, propelling Cirie and the others to the final six. She formed two dummy alliances, one with Courtney and Terry (to target Aras), and one with Shane Powers (to target Danielle). Then she got Aras and Danielle to vote out the real target, Courtney, due to her being the least likeable with everyone (including the jury). In the final five, Cirie was able to regain trust with Shane, but ultimately decided to convince Aras and Danielle to blindside him when Terry won immunity again. Shane later said that Cirie played “by far the very best social game” of the season, an observation numerous fans and critics strongly agreed with.

Name Cirie Fields
Naionality American
Date of Birth 18-July-1970
Place of Birth Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Famous for Acting

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