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Colby O Donis Biography Photos Wallpapers

Colby O’Donis ColĂłn was born on March 14, 1989 in Jackson Heights, Queens at Saint John’s Hospital, to Puerto Rican parents (Freddy & Olga Colon). His road as an entertainer started before long after, as early as age 3, Colby was performing and winning talent shows. Performing arts was part of his family, his father was a former New York DJ, and his mother a singer. He lived in New York City for 8 years before his family made the decision to move to Orlando, Florida.

In Florida, under the guidance of his father, he signed with Full Force and they shopped his demos to labels. He was then signed to Motown Records, a substantial accomplishment, becoming the youngest artist to sign to Motown Records. On November 30, 1999, the soundtrack for the motion picture Stuart Little was released, which featured Colby O’Donis. The song was titled “Mouse In The House,” Colby was only 10 years of age. The handle Motown fell through and Colby and his father continued on the path to get signed to a clean label. His parents way too as a sister (Claire) served to pay for guitar lessons with Johan Oiested, who played for Carlos Santana. He also learned to play the piano, mostly self-thought, sharpening his skills as the entire package. He also dabbled in dancing and acting–he was one of the hosts in a video “The ABC’s of Acting,” a video to help kids break into the entertainment business. During this time, he attended Teague Middle School while dwelling in Longwood, Florida.

Colby’s father always kept Colby involved in label negotiations etc., however they didn’t get the right offers and they decided to move to Los Angels at age 15. By this time, Colby was already producing and writing his own songs, and credits his father with buying his 1st recording studio setup years earlier. Colby and his father were not only looking for a label that made him priority with high percentages, but one that would allow him to write. That kind of creative control for an artist his age and with no significant accomplishments was a hard feat to accomplished. This was a huge part of the decision to sign with Akon’s Kon Live label.

In 2006, Akon heard Colby’s demo and immediately wanted to work with him. Akon offered Colby creative control of his music under his label, which was not going to be possible under other labels. In 2006, Colby also had the opportunity to seem on Nickelodeon show “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”, as “Nelson Duckworth.”

In 2008, Colby made his big splash on the music charts with lead single for his debut album. The song “What You Got,” made it to #14 on Billboard’s Hot 100, #84 on the R&B charts, # 9 on the Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay, #11 on the U.S. Billboard Pop 100 and number 29 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100. His album “Colby O” was released on September 16, 2008 and debuted #41 on the Billboard 200 and #14 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. The album moved 10,836 copies it’s first week.

Name Colby O Donis
Naionality New York
Date of Birth March 14, 1989
Place of Birth Richmond Hill, Queens, New York
Famous for

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