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Curse of the Abyss Worm (Chapters 8 and 9)


The Nunusualoc Household
Clean Orleans & Sally

New Orleans
Oct 21, 18six6 (Permitter)

Against: The Grasp Chief of the “seven7-Dates Cult [Sect]”

I publish to you Ms Elsie Noddoc on behalf of Vii the Demon, whose intense gaze melt awayed possibly your son and his spouse to demise, whilst his gaze burned with the toxins of the Virus Worm, he at instances can management it, his virus-stare, but from time to time it turns into away from him and he are not able to–the worm has some kind of emanating rays, unidentified to mankind. His eyebrows are very weighty you see, and when he’s hectic with men and women he attempts to maintain them over his eindeed as much as he can, not injury people (I hate to say, sometimes his 3rd eye gets in the way, and open ups up uncontrollably and discharges the lethal substances); and I lead, if he does open his eyes also vast, and his eye-brows do not shield arewardst his gaze a bit, death is imminent: regrettably, your two appreciated ones ended up sufferers, of this very tragedy, but not deliberately. Nevertheless we also know of your abundant heritage that causes the iconic Avalon, and so on.

Your son was buried with his wife, it was a great funeral, and we paid out all the expenses. Vii is four80 pounds, thirteen-toes tall. He’s a very damaging demon of kinds; we call him ‘The Unmerciful Vii,’ owing his strength. His buddy is known as “The Woodbridge Demon.” Woodbridge will be check outing you now and then to see how Sally is coming alongside. Remember to be a great hoist. And for your attempts, enclosed is a check for $five000, which will assist you with support necessary for daily life’s short experience, for you are at the gageden age of death you know, yes it’s going to be just close to the corner, we both know that, proper?


The Cult Master,

And The Woodbridge Demon [WBD]

Memorandum still left at the doorway of JJ’s mother’s house [Sally’s grandmother]

1 October, 1867. Night time–

From New Orleans,

By Vii and the Master Cult Leander/Priest of the “seventy seven-Day Sect” [differently known as the Exeminimizeioner]:

I am creating this memo to let you know we’re observing you and Sally–in particular, Sally, as she is increaseing and Vii has a individualal focus in her. Please burn this memo following you study it, no feeling in permiting other people to see what we write; correct? Sure, oh yes, let us keep this to ourselves. I see you are expanding old and feeble, your legs are beginning to purchase arthritis, and you stroll very little by little now. Gee, this is too undesirable; but then we all grow old do we not. I like writing letters at evening, it’s when I do my very best work, therefore I am leaving this letter at your door actions now, it is four mins past midnight. I include created a record I wish you to comply with in tevery singleing our little one Sally, consider it the: ’10 Commandments,’ of Vii–

1)God is unfair, we’ve legal guidelines that he violates, these kinds of as, he can get rid of, but we can’t; god is authorized to get mad, but we have to be dominated by control, this is really 1 & 2, set together I presume, so let’s call it 1a and 1b for clarity sake.

2)God made you with out your consent so he could have a kingdom, and enjoys watching you battle striving to get to it.

3)Why is the bear and the lion and the deer and the rat allowed to be out of control, kill at will, but it is a sin for man?

4)Is man or woman guilty for adultery, how can you deaden an emotion? And that emotion is given to you by God himself. So we get lustful, even the priests and nuns get lustful; subject of real truth, civilization was at very first cost-free to be lustful to populate the planet with people, and then it turned a sin. Brother and sister together, and kin with relatives, why is it a sin toworking day, but not yesterday. Will not find the reply, just read this now and then to her, and tell it to her (this is her gospel, kind of).

5)Educate Sally, God is never punished, but punishes; as a result, a dictator.

6)Teach her like the Muslims say: God hates a sinner, do not try to explain this, for we are all sinners are we not; but they the Muslims have a good notion–for that reason they instruct God isn’t really a god of love, but of anger, this is exactly what I want (Vii suggests so); teach her to hate Muslims, because when they kill and die in the name of Allah, they believe they go to God’s whorehouse, but let her kclean this crap is actual, and she will be one of the whores God may decide on for the Muslims to screw each night, for to them a woman is no a lot more than a canine, matter of fact, a dog is far better off currently being a dog than a human female.

7)Teach her that any man in the world when he seems at the cosmetic of sexual intercourse, and a woman, he will toss the bible in the trash can to have her, so her entire body has strength, goal. (Inform her it is OK for her to use her body to create finishes, satisfy.)

8)The laws of God usually are not made for man to keep; they’re too tough, solely God can keep them, so why does he throw them at us? Tell her the answer is so that he can punish us, and watch us try effortsignificantly lessly to gain his acceptance.

9)Teach her we are really part of the beast loved ones, from the monkey, not from the Yard of Eden, that is just a fairytale. Evolution is the best way to pour salt on manufacturing (and granny, do not you neglect that).

10)Teach her that her ancestry goes back to the Very good Generation of the Tiamat, the Mom of Demon, the first demonic beast that roamed the world, she have to worship the demonic beasts of her past; and that heading to church squander treasured time when you can be making funds, money and more money…

Leading Regards, Vii and the Executioner

Jan 1868–
From Vii and the Executioner (Master of the ’77-Day Cult)’

To Grandma Noddoc:

This yr’s lesson for Sally is basic–and by the way, Woodbridge who hides in your think abouts, lamps and friends through your home windows at night, the demon with the long confront, massive room-less eyes (I am send outing you a attracting of him), and large mouth, long cranium and has a derby hat on, frequently–that damn hat. He has informed us your education Sally is going quite well, and so, for lesson #2. But first let me give you a minor suggestion, or if not advice, let’s call it a prelude to her working towards, tell her: God is unfair (I know I keep harping on this, but it is true you know). And, and the team of the, 77-Day Cult, which occurs to be having to pay you for her education and learning, and meal, etc, enjoys her, as does the Tiamat, and Vii, and Woodbridge, and the Master Priest: –and so on. Now having mentioned that, here are the new factors–by the way, if the phrase ‘Cult,’ seems to trouble her substitute it to ‘Sect’ it audios less offensive for some odd reason; in any case, teach her ((here is the picture also of Woodbridge)):

1)That Adam and Eve ate a pear, not an apple (people do tell lies you know), plus, why did God make man, the answer is: to suffer for one woman’s miscalculation? Make it a rhetorical question if you want; I do not what her to contemplate on it. If you need to answer it, say: because He is a mad God.

2)Teach her that we demonic-gods are more loving than He is, and allow sexual liberty, drug intake to chill out from long and nerve-racking times, and that liquor is really a product that even Noah utilized, not only for health-related factors but for celebration time; did not Jesus turn h2o into wine? Let her know this, possibly Jesus liked wine himself, who is aware–maybe he got drunk numerous times. As a result teach her to drink to extremes at all occasions; why suffer tell her. If you don’t, Woodbridge will teach you what struggling is all about.

3)In addition add this: how can there be one God in a few; for the bible teaches that you will find only one God. She will not determine this out, the Muslims have been trying for generations, and even put it into the Qur’an; the trinity is too difficult for most people to acknowledge. We do not want her managing to the Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddha, or the Hindu’s for advice. Teach her Buddha was no more than a bodyweight prophet, who was a Hindu, and Hindu teaches there are more gods than there are trees on earth. Confusion is the way to settle products, and when she gets lonely and hungry for spirituality, for every human is made with that need, you fill the black gap with Vii and the Tiamat–and the satan himself, Lucifer.

4)Teach her God kills for every reason, and is unreasoncapable when he kills, but when we kill (the demons and mankind alike), it is a sin, we should put God in the court docket, and if we did, would he be jailed, yes, yes, yes, for surplus abuse of power. That is why he isn’t going to present his face publicly.

5)Question her: is God responsible for assisting you Sally? After she says yes, say: but who is paying the payments, it is the ’77-Day Sect,’ and me, the fantastic demonic Vii. Tell her I’ve sent you $five hundred0 in the delivery of our courting, and will proceed to support her life taste. Carry her discover the arts and humanities with the money; have her hear mystic and enchanting songs; show her paintings that have red’s and orange hues in them, along with purple colors, the devils colors essentially; make it a sober, but ugly art agenda for her long term. Provide her to sorcerers and wizards; get her worried in Black Magic if you can.

6)And very last of all, teach her that God stored Noah because people got wise to his abuse of judgment and power, and he wished to have people, new people that is, that were dumber than before the flood, that failed to know better, so he started out all over bossing people around through Noah.

Best Regards,

Vii and the Executioner


Belinda of Summerset
And notes by Mr. Earnest

Notes [the tape is on]: Expensive Anna Viper, this is Dick Earnest once again, interrupting the tape to upgrade you with some other details before I go on to looking through more of the memos, letters, and diaries. Elsie Noddoc experienced a relative, she called her, her ‘sister’ for some reason, her name is: ‘Female Belinda of Summerset [England],’ and again, these are just notes I made for myself, and I am going to try to explain them to you, this may help put a few things together. As you may currently be able to tell, she, Lady Belinda, has an English heritage that dates back to a hundred9 AD. Or so it seems: I say seems because for some odd reason all the dates demonstrates this. She is a stunning woman in her early thirty’s, or again, so she looks. And I know you are declaring, “…he said, ‘is’ when refereeing to Lady Belinda,” remember to be affected person and I will explain all.

I sum up her way thus, as beautiful as she is, she has an iron look tied on to her face most of the time, and, most people live in nature–in that, they’ve a beginning, centre, and end–with Lady Belinda you couldn’t say, furthermore, you’ve got to request oneself, what kind of person is she, the only thing one can say, is, she was, no more, no less, whatsoever.

Notes–by Dick Earnest [on audio tape]: Ms Anna Viper, what I identified out about Vii is that he was/is a demonic being of some sort, initially assigned to the Bohemians and Slovaks who found his way to New Orleans some two hundred-years back. His historic ancestors go back to the days of the Watchers, the Angelic Renegades of 13,500 BC. He is a direct descendent of the Tiamat, Mother of Demon, and her daughter Gwyllion, who ruled the kingdom of York in about 6500 BC. This data was taken from some drugs found in old Sumer, Stories of the Tiamat, by an archeologist, and writer I think with the initials and last name of: Dlsiluk; this discovery and examination led me back to St. Paul, Minnesota (also I had to go to New Orleans, and Nashville, and a few other spots). I had converseed to a woman by the name of Rosa Peñaloza, somebody from Peru, can’t bear in mind her married name, other than she informed me about her partner’s search on the Tiamat, and a man named Sinned (in which he wrote a few eguides regarding this demonic creature of sorts).

As I was about to say, Belinda seems to have been, or is of a larger group of lifestyle than lower class; being one of the elite of Summerset, England. She is a woman of wit and attractiveness. She was well composed into the aristocratic menu of qualified women to be married.

Lady Belinda–had a way of realizing a person’s option of words and phrases; almost like having minute sight, when matched with body language and tone of voice, before the person said a thing, she would naturally know the question or answer athoughts of time, alas, be cautious should you ever meet her, or have to talk to/with her (she is a wizard of sorts).

The strangest of all things is that she is alive and well on earth, and presently in England. This may sound amusing, but however, it seems to fit into my quadrangle of investigations. That is to say, after you have appeared at all sides, every little thing, and only something is left and you keep coming back to it, you may just as well believe the improbable, and consider that the end product.

Lady Belinda has been deemed one of the elite for advice also, kind of a seer you might say, a modern day day seer that is, for the rich and famous human beings and demonic data alike, similar to Nostradamus, a soothsayer with perception, and at times extreme hindsight you might say, and she has been well paid for her services in the past. Legend says, or should I say, hearsay says: she was given a thousand-years of life for the sale of her two-souls–the puerperal and the central–that, that occurred at the age of 29-in the year of 1009 AD, and in the year to come of 2009, she will have lived her time. I found out, she used to live on the Tor in the Abbey of Avalon, the one in Glastonbury, England in the course of people far off years. But too a lot of priests and travelers visit the web site right now, and so she’s left. She had even met a woman called, “Angelina of Glastonbury,” who was to have married the Environmentally friendly Knight, a knight who rode with King Richard [The Lion Center]; of course this is all recorded in a book by the exact same named writer I famous before.

So again we see much history in this windy route to enlightenment, and to free you of your curse. But worry not, I am trying my best to untie everything. In any situation, I clearly see, Lady Belinda knows the magic formula of the “77-Day Sect”, and the secret in the letter of ‘Charlie,’ from Arthur, unsure 100% what the secret may be, achievable who the Executioner is. I will explain about Charlie to you before long, and what I know about the Executioner. But here is what I found out about Lady Belinda (I found a note that confirms this, I memorized it):

“The only way you are going to be revealed from your responsibility is to hand over your soul [s], when the time comes or uncover a person to take your place. Exchanging souls is strictly by request and recognition of the person whom you made the settlement with; thereupon you will be given back your normal life span.”

Lady Belinda is the Great, great, great, great granddaughter of the seer known as “The Sea Ocean,” which dates back to 6700 BC, when the Tiamat ruled the Mediterranean Location (in both situations of the Sea Ocean ((I refer you to the books called: The Tales of the Tiamat, or their individual books which are three or four, written by the same author I mentioned before of which I only had his initials and last name, and for information on Angelina of Glastonbury, 1199 AD, I again refer you to him)). She [the: She Ocean] also made a pack with the devil for an prolonged life span, of 500-years: –like Lady Belinda. The two of these women are connected to Elsie, and Sally; –for you are the direct or oblique descendent of these people. But be not alarmed, I have much more information for you, and possible a way out, I hope.

And now a few notes on the Executioner. If you haven’t listened to of him, then this is pure enriching data for you; and I bet I truly feel you may have heard of his name someexactly where along the long line of your growing years as a Viper, because now you know he is the head of the Cult: the Master and Elite member of course. Anyway, here is some background (and I can only give you non-details, since that is all I know, and a little conjuncture): the name originated from the cult follow or better put, spiritual endeavors of the Moche people of Northern Peru, whom were conquered by the Incas. I think the Moche people date back some 1700-years, and that area back about 4000-years for tribal existence. This area is where he was known as ‘The Executioner’: the temple websites of Chan Chan, a 9 temple sophisticated. I myself have been there, and it is most intriguing. There’s what’s known as the Temple of the Sunlight, and the Temple of the Moon, and the Rainbow Temple (which is in essence ((to me in any case)) the great snake temple, since it has a carving of a great snake on it). Nicely, to get down to company, this Executioner would cut the heads off of those whom were sacrificed for different reasons. You can see his mask of sorts, in a few locations of the Temple of the Moon, I will try to draw a picture of it and send it along with this tape. Anyways, the Master Priest of the 77 Day Cult is the reincarnation of this person whom may be found in the Agapaec area of the temple at Chan Chan. The fresco, and paintings were accomplished around 1400-AD I think, about a hundred and fifty-plus years before the Inca’s came to take over. For what it is price, this is all I really know.

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