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Danny Way Biography Photos Wallpapers

Danny Way was born on April 15, 197four in Portland, Oregon. His father died when he was only eight months old. His stepfather eventually introduced him to skateboarding.

At the age of twelve, Danny Way was already entering skateboarding competitions. That year, he won his very first competition. Two years later, at the age of fourteen, Way was sponsored by Powell Peralta. He skated with
other members of the Bones Brigade.

At the age of fourteen, Danny made his first appearance in the skateboarding video, “Public Domain: Bones Brigade Video 4.” After doing the video, Danny’s eyes were opened to the world of professional skateboarding. He lost from Powell Peralta in order to turn professional for H-Street.

Shortly after joining H-Street, Danny Way began making videos and was typically the main skater in the videos. The first two videos Danny appeared in for H-Street were “Shackle Me Not” and “Hokus Pokus.”

After two years with H-Street, Danny decided to move on with his skateboarding career by joining Blind. After only a year with Blind, Danny decided to start his own company, Plan B Skateboards, in 1991. Thrasher Magazine named Danny their Skater of the Year in 1991 way too.

Just three years later, while at the top of the skateboarding world, Danny broke his neck while surfing in Hawaii. After a year of treatment, Danny Way returned to skateboarding and won the Tampa Pro Vert Competition.

A few years later, in 1997, he broke the world list for highest air reached on a skateboard. He also became the first skateboarder to jump onto a vert ramp from a helicopter.

After much more injuries knocked Danny out of skateboarding, he once yet again returned in 2002. That year, he aided build skateboarding’s first Megaramp, which he used to set the refreshing world record for longest ramp to ramp jump and highest air.

NameDanny Way
Date of BirthApril 15th, 1974
Place of BirthPortland, Oregon
Famous for

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