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Del Amitri Biography Photos Wallpapers

A founding member of Del Amitri (along with Iain Harvie), Justin has been a constant fixture since the band’s founding in Glasgow, in 1981. (It truly is said that a teenage Justin, wanting to form a band, put a card up in a music store looking for men and women who could play; an unspectacular beginning!) Considered the chief songwriter, Justin is often the object of most interviews and has a tendency to lead a non-informed interviewer astray with sarcastic comments and straight-faced lies. Fans often gossip about his ever-evolving hairstyles and his eclectic choice of apparel.

Birthday: December 11, 1964

Iain Harvie

The second founding member of Del Amitri (along with Justin Currie), Iain plays very wide range of musical instruments, including the mandolin, the dobro, and the steel guitar. He studied architechture at the Glasgow School of Arts before taking on a entire-time stint with Del Amitri. Iain joins Justin for a lot of interviews, and tends to balance out Justin’s “daftness” with a much more serious take on the industry. He was married in 2000, much to the dismay of the female contingent of Del Amitri fans, but continues to excite crowds with his rendition of Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life.”

Birthday: May 19, 1962

Andy Alston

Quiet onstage and off, Andy joined Del Amitri before the recording of their second album, Waking Hours, which was released in 1990. (This is often considered to be Del Amiti’s first “real” album, as they changed labels from Chrysalis to A&M between the two.) He plays a variety of instruments, ranging from accordian to keyboard, and has been seen singing backup a time or two. The band often refers to Andy as “the doc”, due to the fact that he is the only band member with a PhD.

Kris Dollimore

Kris joined Del Amitri in June of 1997, after the release of Some Other Sucker’s Parade, to fill in for Jon McLoughlin, who left before long after the album was recorded. As he joined during the SOSP tour, Kris was forced to learn the set record in only a few weeks; this made it harder for the Dels to take audience requests during the tour, as “the refreshing guy” didn’t know the older, much less widely recognized songs. Kris has since become an integral member of the band; in fact, he and Iain own a studio together and produce the work of other artists (such as Eileen Rose). Before joining Del Amitri, Kris played with Adam Ant as well as The Godfathers. Before the Godfathers, he was a member of The Major Setback Band at the tender age of 16.

Mark Price

Mark joined Del Amitri in May of 1997, after the recording of Some Other Sucker’s Parade, as a replacement for Ashley Soan. Like Kris, Mark was thrust into the SOSP tour with scant practicing time, but was able to learn the set list temporarily. Now, he can play even the most obscure Del Amitri tune. Before joining Del Amitri, Mark was a member of Right Said Fred as well as All About Eve.

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