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Fan Fair Is It fair or Not?

Basically by the title of this post, I come to feel like Andy Rooney in opposition to sixty moments. I grew up look ating him with my Grandma, although he seems to be just the exact same as he did when I was a few. So very last night time, when I grew to become the on the TV and he was there, I thought I’d watch him to deliver my Grandmother nearer to me. Reduced and behaged, he started chatting concerning the packaging and advertising of goods, and how businesses, even plan companies, have a lot more hoopla then product. And judging by Fan Fair, I would have to concur with him.

This was my very first Fan Fair, so perhaps I should give it a number of calendar several years, but I also got the pulse of the scenario from other Fan Fair attendee’s, the experimented with and real devoted lovers of Fan Fair. So let me get started at the start. Currently being a amateur Fan Fair attendee, I did all of the improper stuff. I did not create reservations, and I didn’t purchase tickets athoughts of time. After I reached the airport, there was a woman waiting around for me with a sign that experienced my name on it. (A single of the benefits of currently being part of Fan Fair I wager, but believe in me, one of the very few! And I’m smiling at that!) I arrived at my pricey friend’s house and started to unpack. The following working day would be a hectic one with the baseball recreation and some interviews.

When the next day arrived, Nashville was strike by a main thunder and gentleening storm and when contacting to rent a car, there have been none offered. My first considerably lesson at Fan Fair, reserve a car! So I would be trapped hitching rides with visitors or based on cab’s that are very cost prohilittle bitive! The difficulty was that we could not purchase to the baseball game. All the taxi’s were taking completely and had to be named numerous moments and they nonetheless did not demonstrate. The one particular person that was good ample to come get us didn’t need to have to head in that route given that of the storm. Alright, then I would head to the Indie fest that had alread throughy started.

When I arrived at the Indie Fest I met up with some friends from my last European tour and noticed Jack Inexperienced and Ernie Ashworth, Grand Ole Opry Stars and true stars they’re. You really should go check them out at the Grand Ole Opry anytime they are on! I currently understood Ernie from traveling last year. The Indies’ performed their coronary hearts out, Sean O’Brien being one of the greatest I’ve considered in a extended time. What a crooner, and an individual else whose show you’ve got to check out if he performs in your city! You will not be let down! And women, he is a doll! BUT maintain your lips for screaming when he sings entirely, because he is married to a very lovely and candy spouse. The Indies’ were back agained by some of Nashville’s greatest audioians; Bess Travers who played bass was great! “The Nashville Enjoyers” were there and wonderful. Then I was instructed by someone at Indie fest who was working there, that the Grand Ole Opry Stars who were meant to be actively playing at the Indie Fest, all 22 of them, were told they could not play there. I won’t go into the cause’s why, but when the group located out, they were disappointed! Sinforma Parton graced the Indie Fest phase as well as Bobby G. Rice.

After the show, a bunch of us headed down to the observed snoozeaurant, Houston’s. Although the costs were expensive, it was worth every single single chunk! The meal was wonderful and I would advocate anybody going to Nashville to give it a try! While we were waiting, I ran into Jamie O’Neil and Neil McCoy (a true cowboy at heart). Neil was very informal and helpful. I thought wow, here’s the beginning of what I envisioned at Fan Fair, the fans, conference the stars and Fan Fair hadn’t really begun yet!

After Houston’s, we headed down to Broadway, and for individuals of you not acquainted with Nashville, this is the place you are going to discover it all. The Ryman is less then a ½ block from Broadway, entire world famous As welltsies is on Broadway and sure is a must see and then you will find Legends next doorway to Tootsies just to name a few. All the bars had no cover charge and some of the best music I have read in a long time. We danced the night absent and landed property aspherical four AM. The next day I hit Riverfest that had an low cost all day ticket of $10.00. The first 2 several hours were functions signed to major Indie labels, and let me tell you, some of the acts could not sing on mystery. It was not just my musicians’ ear that was tweaked, I appeared close to and the crowd was cringing also! Yet then acts like T Graham Brown, Joe Stampley and The Excellent Divide came on and spiced up the crowd, providing renewed hope to viewers. They were crowd you shouldrs and crowd endpers and every person liked them.

In among, a DJ from one of the radio stations in Nashville questioned the audience how they liked the new location. The crowd roared a substantial “boooo, we loathe it!” The DJ honestly seemed confused and stunned by the response. I determined I would ask one of the individuals who was sitting down beside me why he and his wife did not like the new venue. They explained they had acquired platinum tickets to the Adelphia, where all the Fan Fair booths and concert events were retained, and they were seated so far away throughout the concerts, that the stars looked like ants. I decided to do some lookup. I went around the crowd inquiring the same doubt, “Do you like the new format of Fan Fair. Why or Why not?” It was often the same response. Too many people. Excessive company, not enough stars and the few stars that actually confirmed up for anything other then the concerts were only there for a limited time. Very tough to find parking areas, and extreme visitors.

My friend took out the Fan Fair booklet and counted only 26 actual signing booths for stars out of the one hundred some peculiar booths in the Adelphia creating. WOW! Wait around a minute. I thought this was Fan Fair, not Gizmo and most recent Device fair. In accordance to previous Fan Fair attendee’s, Fan Fair used to be held at the fair grounds. There were a whole lot of stars and star booths, concerts, and almost everything was in one place. No hopping about, striving to find parking and trying to make it to something that already occurred ahead of you arrived. An additional huge grievance was that the venue used to be held during the 7 days and was lengthier, and now it was held during the busiest time, the weekend and it was shorter. I did not hear a single positive remark from the fans about the new format.

But let us regain to my experience at Fan Fair, the Riverfest stage. Sherrie Austin came out, and the men went wild. She sang up a storm and sounded as good live as she does on her CD. After she concluded, a bunch of us decided to go get a bite to eat before we viewed the next round of people on stage. We headed up to Broadway and started searching. I went into a lovable little shop called Cotton Eyed Joes, to get a bag to carry some things I had in hand. Great little store, inexpensive, with a lot of touristy sort items for those of you in search of that type of thing. As we walked up the highway one of the gals I was with said she desired some french fries and that she wanted to go into Hooters to get them. I said, ‘Are you nuts?! I have never been in a Hooters in my existence and I never want to start now.’ For those of you who have seen me live, it is not a chance to me; it’s that I feel it’s degrading to women. Sure none of the men in our team objected…LOL! Which includes they would. Snicker. So, in we went, into Hooters, and my friends were pushing me in stating I should get a process there. NOT! Okay, so I was wrong, it wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. Rather of the bikini-clad women I had seen in the adverts, they were donning T-shirts, which didn’t offend me although I was taking in.

Our ideas were overwhelmed, while we sat eating our delicacies at Hooters (just the name is offensive to me, sorry men!), as the rain starting up pouring and a lights storm of huge dimensions starting hitting the fair city of Nashville. It rained the rest of the day, so our plans to head back to Riverfest to see some of the more common artists for that week, were dashed. By evening, the rain had stopped and we headed for the Nashville Palace with some friends. The cuisine remaining much to be desired. Not one of us liked our food or our beverages, but the enjoyment was amazing. Vern Gosdin showed up, significantly increased following his stroke a few years in the past and sang a few tunes, much to the pleasure of the total audience. What a legend! The house band was awesome and I started understanding how common one feels amongst this kind of great expertise that’s just about everywhere, on every corner!

What was astonishing to me, was that the cover bands were playing primarily Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Money, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Willie Nelson songs to name just a few of the legends and the crowd would roar for more. You’d hear, ‘We want more Merle’, ‘Play an additional Dolly tune’, ‘I want another Waylon tune’. And these requests ongoing throughout the night. You barely heard a Shania Twain or Religion Hill song, and never a Jessica Andrews song. What I found so exciting was, no matter whether the people in the crowd were twenty five, seventy two, forty three, or fourteen (and there were very a few in the teenage group around), they all knew every single phrase to the old requirements and wanted to hear more. I even heard several teens, when one of the more recent songs was played yelling, ‘We don’t want to hear that! We want Merle!’ So the style record labels have of allowing the “old” kinds go may not be what the general public needs, who is aware of, maybe that is why Nation Song is loss of life and record labels tend out of business. May it be they usually are not checklistening to what the people want, and only seeing the demographics of what they consider the main purchasing inhabitants? Is there a place for the “old” with the “new”?

Could it be that this market place and other individuals that are pursuing match have thrown away traditions because anyone over the age of forty is too old? Which is unfortunate. It seems the people in charge have taken over what we’re permitted to consider, feel and see. By some means, in the Americanized part of the world, anyone over the age of 25 has become outdated and too old and forget about it if you are 40 or more mature. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love my Grandma more then anything. I think of her more hugely then anyone I have ever known. And on top of everything else, she is a digital library of info. She is gorgeous and interesting and fun. Nobody is going to tell me that because she is older, she is not of benefit!

Lately, when I was observing the web site of a popular radio station, I saw a assertion and list that read as follows: “Artists we play”, “Artists we respect, but don’t play”. All the older more set artists and the legends were on the ‘revered list’, and all of the “up and comers” were on the ‘we play list’. I called up and requested the Prepare Director and asked why a certain artist, who I thought was “newer” because she had had a number one hit just last year, was on the ‘respected, but not played’ list. I already suspected why the other ones were on there, although I did not agree. I was told that while they respected the older artists, the artist I was referring too was too old because she had just turned 40, and they didn’t play ladies earlier the age of 40 on their station. What amazed me was that he had the guts to tell me this. Usually are not there age and intercourse discrimination regulations? He said their demographic listening group liked youthful artists only. How I wish he had been in Nashville that night!

What an eye opener that statement was for me! My reply to him was, “Okay, so you are telling me that Cher, Ella Fitzgerald, and Kenny Rogers have missing their voices and can no longer sing and we should put them out to pastor now? Proper!” I hung up on him. Cher and Kenny Rogers have possibly had huge hits in the past several years and we all know they are over 40! Okay, enough of my ranting. Again to Fan Fair and the first point. In the greater part of the bars, the old standards were the best, specially Merle Haggard, and that was what people wanted to hear.

The next day we rehearsed for singing at the Blue Fowl Café, which was a huge thrill for me. I had never been to the Blue Bird. We rehearsed, hung out by the pool, and then went to the Blue Bird. There was some massive talent there. So many wonderful singers I can not name them all! For those of you, who have never been to Nashville, please make confident to hit the Blue Bird Café. It is very little, so arrive early or there won’t be a seat for you. If you can’t make it there or to Nashville, they broadsolid live on the Net so you can hear the talent there too. We did the gig with Joanne and people came up to us telling us they loved it, and we were a breath of clean air. That was nice. We headed back to downtown and back to Broadway to see the happenings there.

Daryle Singletary showed up at Tootsies and sang his hits from a several years ago. He was incredible. What a velvety voice. What I would like to know is why he was let go from his agreement, and why just isn’t he signed once again yet?! The crowd went wild for him, the women were cooing (me too…whoooo child…what a hottie!), and the men loved him too! Somebody requires to snatch him up, or he needs to start his own label. This was the last night of Fan Fair, and my last night in Nashville, so we had to make the best of it. We hit just about every bar on the sexperience, understanding new dances, listening to the talent, seeing old friends and respiratory in the last of the home town nation feel, or at minimum the best you can get in a big city. My last stop was at the Grand Ole Opry Resort, a real touristy thing to do and it was about midnight, but what a great last stop. It is the greatest resort in the world with some 2000 places and a wonderful tropical atmosphere smack dab in the center of their huge atrium. What a sight and how beautiful. There was a fabulous light show that happened with h2o just after we arrived and we put in 3 hours just going for walks around and looking at the beautiful architecture. There was a lot more to the trip, but unfortunately, there just isn’t enough room

My all round viewpoint of Fan Fair is that I wouldn’t go again. There weren’t enough stars for the general fans and it wasn’t at all what it had been developed up to be. I would pay a visit to Nashville over and over and over again. I love that town! It truly is a great place, a great environment, with a lot of fun things to do, and a myriad of talent that is improbable! If I were undertaking an Andy Rooney bit about Fan Fair, I would say, there was so much air in this huge package deal, and once you put a hole in the package and let all the air out, there was scarcely any product. Most of the fun I had in Nashville, I could have had whether Fan Fair was there or not. Although I have never been part of the previous Fan Fairs, my vote is cast for the old venue to bring the stars back home!

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