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Film Locations in Mauritius – More Than Just Spectacular Beaches

Mauritius has been famous as a location with magnificent beach movie spots for yrs. Its pristine palm fringed shorelines have captivated huge names this kind of as Ambre Solaire and Nivea to return here year as soon as year. A lot of Bollywood motion pictures ended up filmed on location on its glowing sands and blue lagoons. However much less acknowledged is the sheer range of distinct locations on offer in Mauritius. Below are merely a handful of of the other surroundings to be discovered on this lovely island.

The mountains in the inner of Mauritius are assorted and remarkable. Rainforest clad mountains have their own wild attraction, densely lush and inexperienced with cascading waterfalls, even though the orderly plantations of pineapple and sugar-cane cover minimize slopes. Inside of confident elements the mountains are reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, in other folks they offer forest locations much more including the Swiss Alps, all with their own majestic attract.

Mauritius has a prosperous financial system with an informed bi-lingual inhabitants and present day city centers. Extremely modern tower blocks and futuristic structures make up Ebene Cyber City just exterior the money of Port Louis, exactly where the region’s details and communications engineering are based mostly. So if you require edgy modern, clean urban or contemporary architecture amongst your locations alternatives your film creation maker can uncover it for you here. Bustling marketplaces, shabby stylish shacks, professional scenes and even the cosmopolitan airport alone supply even more variety.

Not anything is glossy and refreshing – if you might be in search of historic references the time colonial properties belonging to the plantation house owners of previous eras offer outdated-entire world grand beauty and sweeping vistas.

Luxury resorts and villas cater for rich passengers and vacationers in appear of beach paradise. Lavish interiors and gorgeous swimming swimming pools of all designs and sizes provide a wealth of backdrops for location filming.

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There would be minor issue even so coming to Mauritius with no utilizing its stunning beaches and lagoons. Regardless of whether you’re after palm fringed sands with jetties and picturesque small boats, or a wilderness lagoon with no civilisation in sight, you may find it here. Underwater pictures is way too a pleasure in the obvious turquoise waters driving the coral reefs.

Yet another reward on Mauritius is the small size of the island helps make travel among locations limited and simple. The island actions 61km or 38 miles north to south and a very good road operates its duration, so even wilderness areas are offered.

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