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Henry Rollins Biography Photographs Wallpapers

In 1980, Henry Rollins was a teenager living in Arlington, Virginia, USA, just over the river from Washington, DC. He worked as the shift manager for a Haagen-Dazs ice cream shop near Georgetown University, and was a enormous fan of a Southern California punk rock band called Black Flag. One working day, Henry and his friend Ian MacKaye (who later formed Fugazi) drove to New York City to see Black Flag play at the Peppermint Lounge. They played later at a small club down the street, and Henry jumped on stage and took the mike for a song. A few days later, Henry was called back to New York to audition for the band. Henry spent the next six years riding in vans, sleeping in the back of trucks, getting beaten and mauled on stage, and fronting the baddest, most primal rock and roll band in the history of the world. Since 1986, Henry has enjoyed a far more pleasant life style and career as a singer. He is a published (and often lucid) poet. His band, Rollins Band, was a highlight of the Woodstock ’94 concert. His autobiography, Get In The Van, is available in print and as a self-narrated compact disc. He has written a lot of articles for Details, an American magazine.Henry Garfield started singing in the DC punk band State of Alert before changing his name and becoming a legendary punk figure as frontman for Black Flag and his own Rollins Band. Rollins performs and records spoken word and writes books for his own publishing company (he has about ten). He got his start acting in a short by underground artist Raymond Pettibon, but really started acting after doing several ads and MTV appearences. The tattoed, musclebound man with the gravel voice was a normal for tough guy roles, and before long identified himself playing cops and bodyguards in Hollywood features. Rollins looks convinced that there’s practically nothing he isn’t capable of, and so far there’s little evidence to refute the claim.
Name Henry Rollins
Height 5'9
Naionality American
Date of Birth 13-Feb-1961
Place of Birth America
Famous for

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