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Hot Chip Biography Photos Wallpapers

Hot Chip are a Grammy Award-nominated British electronic music band from London, formed in 2000. They have released five studio albums—coming on Strong, The Warning, Made in the Dark, One Life Stand and In Our Heads. After years of self-releasing checklists, they signed with Moshi Moshi in 2003 and released their debut LP Coming on Strong in 2004.

During this period, they were joined by Felix Martin and Al Doyle. They started working on their second album and signed a UK & US record deal with DFA Records and EMI. DFA and Astralwerks released their debut album for the very first time in the US in late 2005. In 2006, Hot Chip released their second album, The Warning. Now signed to EMI in the UK, the band gained much more mainstream appeal as well as the attention of critics. The album was shortlisted for the 2006 Nationwide Mercury Prize and was Mixmag’s Album of the Year 2006. This album spawned also two UK top forty singles: “Over and Over” in March 2006 and “Boy from School” in May 2006. “Over and Over” received attention for its music video, which was directed by Nima Nourizadeh, and was also named as the best single of 2006 by British music magazine NME. About the album, Alexis Taylor stated, “I think “In Our Heads” was a bit speedier, and made with much less pressure, but more fun – partly due to folks in the band not having too several hang ups about how good the material was – we seemed to be happy with the songs we were writing and they came briefly – and partly due to the fact that we had been enjoying ourselves elsewhere, whether at home, or on tour, or recording with our other projects, or DJing.

I think that is right about subtler confidence, but it may also be that we are a bit more accepted these days as we keep doing what we require, and gradually people stop saying ‘why’ to everything and every decision. The songwriting produced quickly from songs that were dreamt (“Now There is Nothing”); songs that were written via email file sending (fully fleshed out instrumentals from Joe developing into songs with added percussion/chord changes and singing by me; e.g. “Flutes”); songs that we bashed out in collaborative writing sessions between Joe and myself (“Don’t Deny Your Heart”, “How Do You Do?”); songs that one or the other of us wrote largely separately “‘These Chains’”– Joe/”Look At Where We Are”- Alexis); songs that a few of us in the room wrote more of: “Dark and Stormy”, or to some extent “Let Me Be Him” (at least in chorus terms); or finally songs that were written after we completed the last album and which were still in our minds: “Always Been Your Love”, “Doctor”.”

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