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Jackie Collins Biography Photos Wallpapers

Jackie Collins was born in 1939 in London to Joe Collins, an agent, and Elsa Collins, a former dancer. As a child Jackie was a playful girl, always interested in having a good time.

In her early teens Jackie dropped out of school in England and was sent to live with her sister, the actress Joan Collins, in Los Angeles. Around this time Joan was offered a film in Europe so she left Jackie in LA to fend for herself. This caused Jackie to come to feel lonely, so, after little far more than a year she left Hollywood and returned to London where she settled with 1st husband Wallace Austin. They had one daughter, Tracy. But all was not well in the Collins/Austin marriage and before long after the birth of baby Tracy Jackie was abandonded by her husband who died soon after.

Intent on creating a life worthy of her child Jackie began to write. Her first novel, “The World is Full of Married Men”, designed a furor in England, making Jackie a minor celebrity. Soon after this time she married her second husband, nightclub and art gallery owner Oscar Lehrmen. They had two daughters, Tiffany and Rory.

During the 1970’s Jackie churned out a lot of European bestsellers, “The Stud” and “The Bitch” among them. In 1977 Jackie sold the rights to these two books to her sister Joan for cost-free, in hopes that film versions of the novels could revive Joan’s floundering career. In 1978 “The Stud” was released in England and became the biggest box office smash since the James Bond films. This created career success for Joan (who would later go on to star on television’s “Dynasty” and become an icon of the 1980’s) and noteriety for Jackie. After the success of “The Stud” the sequel “The Bitch” was made. It debuted in 1979 and while not as amazing a success, did well, boosting Joan and Jackie even further.

By the 1980’s Jackie was living in Beverly Hills content with her life with her husband and children, however her contentment would not last and in 1984 Jackie wrote “Hollywood Wives” her blockbusting international bestseller that sent her into the stratosphere of stardom. In 1985 a mini series of the book was made for ABC and was a smash hit. Further success followed with the Lucky Santangelo novels and other novels about the Hollywood elite.

In the early 1990’s Jackie’s husband Oscar died after a valiant battle with cancer. Shattered, but not defeated, Jackie soldiered on, taking in herself in her work and her grandchildren. She located happiness again with her companion Frank, but it was not to be when he too died.

Gone, but never forgotten, Jackie keeps the memory of her loves Oscar and Frank alive in her heart.

Currently single and residing in Beverly Hills Jackie Collins is hard at work on yet another bestselling novel. She is also involved in several television and film projects, she herself an accomplished producer (the TV Movie of her novel “Hollywood Wives : The Next Generation” was a smash hit for CBS in 2003.)

Jackie works hard and she plays hard, an exercise enthusiast always in the mood for a challange. She is stunning, sultry, and a survivor. In short she’s Jackie Collins, a true original.

Name Jackie Collins
Naionality British
Date of Birth 4 October 1937
Place of Birth London, England, UK
Famous for

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