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Jessica Barton Biography Photos Wallpapers

Everyone loves a tomboy… especially when she’s buxom, blond, and wearing not much much above a strip of fabric to cover the bits and pieces. Our latest babe, Jessica Barton, exhibits all of these qualities. She’s the ultimate “just one of the guys” kind of gal. She loves cars, video games, tattoos, and is approachable. What’s more is that she has a twin sister… Guys, is this the stuff that dreams are made of or what? You can locate her appearing at your local Hot Import Nights shows, NHRA sports compact car shows, on your televisions and in your latest men’s magazines. or you can read more about her here at IGN babes. It really is your choice. I’m just trying to make it simple for you. “Guys tell me I have perfect hourglass proportions. Years ago, my friends called me “Plateau” because my butt was so flat. Then I moved to Orlando. I don’t know if it was because I started ingesting Chick-fil-A each and every working day or what, but all of a sudden I had a big butt. And I’ve been showcasing her ever since.” “I love kissing girls. You don’t require to make out with random dudes. Guys make assumptions like, “I bought you a drink—we’re going home, right?” Girls aren’t like that. My motto is: If you think your girlfriend is hot, make out with her.” “A boyfriend and I were in my mom’s hand-me-down car and we didn’t have anywhere to go for sex, so I pulled into this church parking great deal. A couple of weeks later, I told my mom about it and she said, “Oh my gosh—I did it in that parking lot! In that car!” So my mom and I both had sex in the same church parking lot in the same car. God hates us for that.”
Name Jessica Barton
Height 5'5
Naionality American
Date of Birth May 28,1983
Place of Birth United State
Famous for

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