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Joey King Biography Photos Wallpapers

Joey King started acting professionally when she was four years old. A national spot for Life Cereal was Joey’s 1st commercial. She has completed thirty-four additional commercials including the presently running Eggo and Walmart.

She has appeared in several television shows and movies of the week, “CSI”, “Entourage”, “Ghost Whisperer”, “Medium”, “The Suite Life” and “Avenging Angel”, to name a few. Also she has completed three pilots, one directed by J.J. Abrams, whom Joey says, is really smart and fun to work for!

Her first film “Grace”, was shot when she was six years old. On the first working day of filming Joey had to pretend to almost drown in the cold ocean. Joey has said she was completely hooked on making movies after that.

Joey has worked with Adam Sandler on the feature “Reign Over Me”, and said she loved learning to do stunts for the character Brianna, on “Quarantine”. She voiced the yellow fur ball Katie, for the animated feature “Horton Hears A Who”, and Beaver, for “Ice Age 3-D”. Joey said, “I think it’s really neat to hear my voice come out of animal or creature that someone made from their imagination!”

Joey’s most recent projects incorporate, “Battle: Los Angeles”, where she plays a civilian named Kirsten, who is battling for her life with the help of a lot of courageous Marines. In the feature “Ramona and Beezus”, based on the book series by Beverly Cleary, Joey plays Ramona Quimby, whose character always seems to be to be in some sort of mischief or manages to totally embarrass her big sister Beezus, played by Selena Gomez.

She has performed in earlier mentioned ten theater productions, and loves the come to feel of a live audience. Joey has way too performed in live “improv” theater, and thinks the ideal thing is to make an audience laugh.

NameJoey King
Date of Birth30 July 1999
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