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Matt Prokop Biography Photographs Wallpapers

Matt has been a performer considering that he was 6 months old. He liked to make men and women laugh. At age 2, he perfected a Michael Jackson move and performed it every singlewhere he went. At age 3-1/2 he started playing soccer and loved it. He has played every season since. When he was four he participated in his 1st and only pageant. He won it! He was Little Mr. Cowboy and shone on action and on the float at a lot of parades. For the next ten years, he focused on soccer and school. He participated in every school play and was offered and accepted numerous roles in church plays. At age 12, while attending an AMTC convention, he was asked by two prominent agencies to come to New York. His parents decided he was way too young and put his career on hold. After a family vacation to Los Angeles in May, 2005, Matt decided it was time to pursue acting. He started taking acting classes in Houston, Texas. His coach recognized something special in him and knew he would do well. After only seven months of classes, he was signed by an agent and manager in LA. He has been auditioning ever since. He can be seen in the upcoming episode of Hannah Montana “Schooly Bully”. He also played “Zack” in the independent film “Billy” and starred in several student films and a documentary. He can’t imagine life without acting. He can’t wait to see what’s next!
Name Matt Prokop
Height 5' 11″
Naionality American
Day of Birth 29 July 1990
Place of Birth Victoria, Texas, USA
Famous for

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