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Ralph Rieckermann Biography Photos Wallpapers

At the age of 7 Ralph demonstrated a organic interest and aptitude in all things musical. In his younger years Ralph’s innate musical talents were nurtured by private lessons with several highly accomplished tutors mostly focusing in the disciplines of Jazz, Latin and Rock. Under the guidance and training of his tutors Ralph began playing the electric bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

At the age of 16 Ralph decided to take music to a professional level and started classical lessons on piano and the upright bass which led him to study classical music for 4 years in one of the most esteemed Music Conservatories in Germany. His Conservatory training included, music history composition, upright bass, piano and classical orchestra. This gave Ralph the foundation to create musical styles which combine almost all music genres.

His global success began after relocating from Germany to Los Angeles in 1987, where his musical abilities were briefly noticed by the local L.A. rock scene. Ralph’s initial serious contribution to the rock music art form was working with the band “Kingdom Come” in 1990 for their latest album “Hands of Time”. Ralph programmed all drums, keyboards and synthesizers.

In 1991 Ralph joined the world famous rock band The Scorpions as the refreshing Bass Player. During his 12 year career as a member of “The Scorpions” Ralph recorded 8 gold and platinum awarded albums that sold millions of copies all previously mentioned the world. In addition to his contributions as Bass Player, Ralph wrote the song titled “Mysterious” which was to be the last most successful song for “The Scorpions” since “Winds of Alter”. That song went to 3rd on the American charts. Throughout his tenure with “The Scorpions” Ralph has toured the world six occasions.

Between tours with “The Scorpions” Ralph musical expertise contributed to the success of several Hip Hop and Pop artists, and their albums. Ralph’s first Hip Hop album was Produced around the compositions of the artist MrRE with his first album “Mystery”. With Ralph’s continual mentoring, enthusiasm, and music industry experience he enhanced the careers of several a lot more artists. Between later tour breaks Ralph continued by producing the albums for young up and coming Hip Hop artists including the album “E-Tab” by the artist Brown, plus several songs with Seri Dial and the first solo album by Karen Williams.

Then in 1999 while still touring with “The Scorpions” he was offered his first film score in Lancelot: Guardian of Time (1997), starring, ‘Mark Singer (I)’, Claudia Christian, and John Saxon.

Name Ralph Rieckermann
Naionality German
Date of Birth 8-August-1962
Place of Birth Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Famous for Singing

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