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Ruthie Bram Biography Photos Wallpapers

At the ripe old age of 15 Ruthie Bram finished writing her first three songs. After writing the songs Ruthie decided to co-produce the tracking, as well as, sing all the vocals. When the three songs were listed LA’s MUSIC CONNECTION as one of the TOP 25 DEMOS OF 2005 (out of 10,000 plus submissions) and Ruthie was listed in the TOP 100 UNSIGNED ARTISTS OF 2005, Ruthie became the youngest submitter to ever have made the TOP 25 in both categories in MUSIC CONNECTION’S history. Add this to the chance to sing for international dignitaries and Beverly Hills notables at celebrity charity functions such as U.N.I.C.E.F., TSUNAMI RELIEF, AND OPERATION SMILE and you have the beginning of a dream that’s bound to come true.

Ruthie is now posed to circulate her songs, as her much-anticipated album is expected to be ready by the end of the summer. The album will showcase a talent and a desire that knows no bounds. In just three years, Ruthie’s exceptional voice has grown to reveal far more of her soul, and her range of writing topics have broadened. One thing that remains unchanged is her stratospheric pleasure in writing and entertaining. Ruthie says, “I was born to write and sing for men and women and to tell their stories as well as my own. That’s what I need to accomplish in my first album.”

Even though Ruthie possesses talent that exceeds her age, she is a real American teen. Her songs reveal the unfolding changes of a natural teenager-young adult such as being out of sync and self-consciousness. These are the backdrops to Ruthie’s lyrics. The actual song stories are describing issues and articulating clean ways of solving problems or portraying fun moments and expressing the value of these events. Each of Ruthie’s songs is a distinctive, framed vignette. As in example Ready Ready Ready, the dancers have the right to be who they are and to discpreviously mentioned more of who they are. In Break Out, a funky party song, a cohesive, pro-active group targets those who are “in the lost and found” and uses clichés in new ways to clue others of how to break out of their ruts. In Groove to the Music, a blend of pop dance and rap, the collective nature of life is apparent in the opening call, “Hey Ya’ll! We’re a party of a hundred!” The ballad I Want to Sing for You discloses the golden moments when an artist realizes that to sing for others is “everything that is good and true.”

At existing, Ruthie is unwilling to be limited in topics for lyrics and the stylizing of her music. She writes in pop, funk, blues, rap, and dance genres because she says her generation of listener is not restricted in what types of music they listen to. “My desire is to write and listing what people can relate to and listen to over and over. I constantly strive to enhance my craft.” Therefore, her album will be a collection of tightly interwoven musical styles reflecting a typical young woman’s uncooked and unedited view of her world.

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