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Seth Grabel Biography Photos Wallpapers

“I have so much fun with magic,” says 23-year-old Master Magician Seth Garrison Grabel. “It’s just a joy because I can go anywhere and even if I don’t know anybody, doing magic is an immediate icebreaker. Everyone loves magic.”

Seth Garrison Grabel is a professional magician who has performed around the world. Although magic is his 1st love, it is only his secondary occupation – his first being a UNLV hotel management student with an emphasis on real estate. He is currently the president of the UNLV Real Estate Business Society. But if being a total-time student and performing in gigs as a master magician weren’t enough to keep Grabel busy, he is also in the process of creating a action show whose theme is childhood imagination. “When we get to be adults,” says Grabel, “we lose our childlike imagination and we tend to get into a rut. I need to have to produce a show that brings that childhood wonderment back into focus.” Grabel envisions the stage show taking place in an abandoned theater and as he walks through the vacant building “Magic just starts happening to me,” he laughs.

Grabel performs in a whole lot of clubs but his specialty is bar and bat mitzvahs. In addition, he will share his love of magic at the Jewish Community Center’s Mystical Magic Camp that will be held from June 27 to July 1. The class will have 10 to 15 students from grades 3-9. Grabel will teach the campers how to do magic tricks, which they will perform in a stage show at the end of the week. Parents and other campers are welcome to attend. “I love working with kids,” says Grabel. “I love to watch their eyes light up when they see magic for the first time.”

“Magic is far more than just slight of hand. It’s also a performance art in addition to the technical aspects,” explains Grabel. “You have to be theatrical to be a good stage performer, to be a good magician.”

Finding clean material is always a must and for Grabel; it’s a matter of thinking up the new tricks himself. “I’m constantly thinking about different tricks I’d like to do,” he reveals. “Sometimes I can’t slumber at night because I’ll think of a new trick and I have to get out of bed to try it.”

Talent may be something men and women are born with but practice is what turns “good” into “great.” It took Grabel two years of almost constant practice to perfect his performance and magical art. “In college, I had a studio apartment and when all my friends were out partying, I was at home practicing. I danced around with my dancing cane and did magic in the mirror until I was satisfied that my performance level was where I wanted it to be.” He still practices constantly because he maintains that if he stops, even for a year, he would lose his dexterity and timing.

“What I love most is the way people react when I do magic. I can see people’s smiles and their enjoyment and that’s the best feeling in the world.”

NameSeth Grabel
Date of Birth3 October 1981
Place of BirthHollywood, Florida, USA
Famous for

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