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Smooth As a Baby’s Bottom

I have been operating excessive tough to generate sure my daughter’s pores and skin remains hydrated and clean in this local weather. Nevertheless it dawned on me tonight time, although I was offering her a therapeutic massage with Apricot Oils, that my skin may possibly truly feel this extremely smooth way too.

SO, I gave it a shot and emerged towards a heat bathtub with skin as smooth as a little one’s base. Not exclusively that however I felt refreshed and stunning since I could reduce some pressure and feel rejuvenated. My spouse witnessed as well, he was touching my skin all night.

What did I do?

Effectively 1st I place my daughter down for mattress, so I could focus and relax. Once the coastline was distinct for the coveted “me time” I drew (honestly my husband was the sweetie who drew) a warm bath.

I extra two cap-fulls of my daughter’s Apricot Oil to the tub and started to go through (the last in rest to me) The oil I utilised was “Burt’s Bee Apricot Baby Oil” but you can uncover any oil to use at spots such as Total Foodstuff, wellness Retailers, Tub and Physique Stores or even Concentrate.

TIP 1: Oils can actually go a lengthy way so do not fret regarding the dimension or price of the bottle it truly is benefit it! Oils are an historical Egyptian mystery that we’ve to defiantly commit in and provide back again!

When I bathed I added ½ cup of sugar to my all-natural entire body clean to remodel my favored day-to-day wash into a gentle exfoliator! Sugar is SO SWEET to use because it’s basic, delicate and so low cost! After bathing with the sugar scrub I wet a little bit more time to enable the oils do their miracles on my refreshing layer of skin. If you would as an alternative use a item, I advise the adhering to but use this only two times a 7 days as it’s much more abrasive than the sugar scrub.

You can also use the Satin Fingers Scrub from Mary Kay that I sustain discussing – this product you can use everyday as it’s light and protected adequate to scrub absent people lifeless skin cells with no detrimental your skin.

TIP 2:
I also noticed my elbows and cuticles ended up EXTRA dry, so I rubbed some olive oil on them once my bath and basically experienced to slip into my silk gown because I felt so improbable LOVELY!

Satisfied Bathing…

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