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Tagua From Colombia

Tagua is the title of a palm tree that grows in the tropical forests of Colombia, typically in the mountains. It very first bears seeds as soon as it’s concerning fifteen a long time aged. The tree grows to about fifteen or 20 ft in peak. The tree yields mad about the dimension of a golfing ball. It requires from six to calendar year for individuals seeds or nuts to experienced. At that thing the articles is sort of a whitish opaque shade. It’s very dense and very difficult.

Since the Colonial occasions in Colombia, the use of tagua to make jewellery and other articles has exploded. Since of the need for this organic product, the worth has been growing. The first use for tagua several years in the past was to make buttons. Since then tagua has been used to produce a assortment of items. Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Versace had been some of the first to popularize the use of natural supplies in their wardrobe. Owing the natural cosmetic of tagua, it was a natural alternative for these firms.

The very best artists who operate with tagua, reside in a little city a few hrs from Bogata in the Andes Mountains. Colombians are the principal manufacturers of artesanias in tagua. There is certainly no limit as to what can be produced of tagua. The products are brief by size considering that they’re not able to be higher; because the tagua nut is small. Tagua now is utilized to produce earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Tagua can way too be identified in Ecuador and Brazil. Several of the products made of tagua in Ecuador can be found in and close to Quito, the place there are small villages of Withindians,

I traveled in the course of Colombia and in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador seeking for artesanias made of tagua. I was fortuitous sufficient to include found some villages that created many products made from tagua. In the procedure I acquired earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I was captured by their natural beauty, and I made a decision to import them to the United Suggests.

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