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The Creative Evolution of Intellectual Properties: The Royal Critters/Whale Magic (TM) Project

Hi there Creative Marketers!

The ethical of that tale is to comply with your instincts and instinct and do not enable other folks or tradition decide or label you.

You see, my child-spirit tprevious me there was a composer in me all alongside. Per person yrs I thought I was deficient given that I was becoming JUDGED by society’s expectations–grammar, sentence framework, and so on. and not on CREATIVITY!

Then I received invited to Harvard! I call this “poetic justice!”

So let me tell you yet another story. One particular you may like regarding my royal phony pas to Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1985.

I want to percentage this amusing whale-of-a-tale with you to also illustrate very first-hand the CREATIVE EVOLUTION of one of my most exciting INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES: The Royal CrittersTM and Whale MagicTM Project.

It also, commenceed with a misspelled phrase!



As soon as Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales, frequented the United Says in 1985, I needed to welcome Their Royal Highnesses to The usa in a unique and individual way by sending provides for their sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. I selected a distinctive gift for them, one that I thought they needs.

Understanding that the British frequently use the cliché “ducky”, I sent colourful T-shirts, coloring publications, balloons and stickers of a cartoon nature I developed for the California-dependent earthquake preparedness system I initiated, “Wealthyter Duck’s Functionality Quake-Quake”. I inadvertently resolved the bundle to: Prince Charles and Princess Diana, The Prince and Princess of Whales and mailed it Convey to the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. Unaware of the misspelling of their name, I was stunned and degentleed to receive a Thank You letter towards Buckingham Palace for my gift.

Nevertheless, as soon as I study the letter, I understood my royal faux pas! As a journalist and creator, I was as an alternative ashamed nevertheless, afterwards I was fairly amused by my blunder and thought that the thought of cartoon whales named THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WHALES™ would make a wonderful parody for young children. The genesis of THE ROYAL CRITTERS™ was born that working day.

However, I wouldn’t start to develop it until finally 1989. By this time Prince Andrew experienced married Sarah, Duchess of York and their first child was named Princess Beatrice (Princess Bea). I then additional to the forged, producing THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF YORKIES™ (Yorkshire terriers) and a mumble/bumble bee named PRINCESS HONEY BEE™. We’ve Joan Rivers letter to be the voice of DUCHY, THE DUCHESS OF YORKIES™.

I chose the title THE ROYAL CRITTERS™ because whales are the Royalty of the ocean kingdoms. We human beings want to see them in their genuine light and go over them, and all maritime daily life. As the task developed and my personal realizing of the cosmetic and worth of whales on our planet, I effortlessly wanted to give voice to them through animation.

Against there the cast grew to a lot above 20 figures incorporating the royal pod of 5 whales that spout their own brand names of magic, including e-mail referred to as Whale Mail. I added animated human characters, including 9-year old NICHOLAS HOLIDAY™, element mortal, part mermen and divined with mystical powers. His marine biologist dad and mom, ROMAN AND HAPPY HOLIDAY™. The villain is JOHNNY NETWORTH and his henchmen, the ANCHOVY BROTHERS™. NETWORTH transmutes from mortal to poisonous oil squander and a whale net to function his Machiavellian deeds.

And so commenced my quest to find out about whales, dolphins, the oceans, animation, tunes, movie and tv generation, licensing and every element of this sort of a enterprise. I sought out the crème de la crème in every area of this project, each time attainable; from Royalty to planet renowned marine biologists and whale professionals, script consultants and a Hollywood animation writer with hundreds of credits to her name to assist me develop the animation and publication bible and storyline for the project. I met with famous people such as Dom De Luise and Tippi Hedren to be voices for the project, along with Joan Rivers and Olivia Newton-John, and others (Movie star Bios and Letters of Intent or Fascination are obtainable on ask).

As whales are known for their sonic “songs”, I created fun and whimsical animated whales that sing something from Hip-Hop to Opera. I identified Hip-Hop artists, Jazz aficionados, award-profitable singers, songwriters, and a conductor with the London Philharmonic to compose and orchestrate the music!

As animation developed into what it truly is nowadays, I sought out the very best bids from CGI virtual animators, and chose an Atlanta-based studio to deliver the characters and online video to life with the most recent in engineering. I met with manufacturers, vendors and special-outcomes animators at Disney and went again to college to learn film and television production. I opened my own animation studio in Vancouver, British Columbia to do the first action of pre-production for the movie.

I’ve researched developments and successes in the licensing, leisure and digital technology industries. Even Locating Nemo, the animated box-section blockbuster and Academy Award champion for Top Animation Movie for 2004, has established the charted system for the school of BIG fish

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