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The Post Quantum God

This article is a sequel of my before article “God With Contradiction “. It would be basic to value it after looking through the initial one.

The science took add in attacking the God. And then on currently being happy, after Nietzsche’s declaration relating to the dying of the God, the experts went in advance in the pursuit of providing this planet a science suitable God which would be well analyzed on all clinical legal guidelines and policies. Nearly all scientists attempted to defy or outline the God. Some of them tried to carve it out of the actual physical articles or acquire it as a merchandise of some challenging chemical response.

In the early 19th century after the science was coming to its juvenility they finished that the issue was almost everything; and the matter was entirely the thing which existed. Subsequently Einstein in the early 20th century manufactured some correction and declared that it just isn’t the matter only as an alternative it truly is the totality of the matter and calories that is conserved. He discovered that the matter and energy had been inter-convertible. It was in 1950s of the twentieth century when Schrödinger with the support of his quantum cat made an announcement regarding the relaxed demise of the “Make a difference”. He mentioned proudly that the matter existed no a lot more.

On yet another entrance, for the duration of the daily life year of “matter”, Heisenberg introduced the wave principle and informed about the wave mother nature of matter. He said that the matter existed only in the type of wave. It was yet in opposition to the Newton’s suggestion that the matter existed with the particle nature. Then the French pupil de Broglie postulated the dual nature of the matter and said that with some indeterminate factor implicit a matter has possibly the attributes of a particle and of a wave. It can be, at the very same time a particle and a wave both with no any contradiction.

It was the first time in the background of science when the contradiction was recognized as an needed part of a scientific theory. Nonetheless the foreseeable future was more fertile for the contradictions and odds to increase in scientific theories. In the quantum era of sciences, it looked that the total universe is nothing at all above throwing a cube. The theory of chance prevailed on all scientific benefits and outcomes. If 2 underlying debris were to have interaction with each and every other their results were only a probability. Practically nothing was certain and certain.

The theory worried so several contingencies and probabilities that even Einstein couldn’t digest the idea of the existence of the universe only as a probability. In accordance to him “God exhibits himself in the balance of all that exists”. He wasn’t easy to pay attention from the quantum physicists that the existence of the universe is nothing but a chance.

On the experimental stage the quantum theory incorporated refreshing vistas of possibilities. After an electron interacted with a positron (an anti particle of the electron) both of them disappeared and only energy particles (known as neutrinos) remained there. Likewise when two neutrinos were brought shut each other, a couple of an electron and a positron appeared in the vacuum. Here is called a pair manufacturing in quantum physics.

It displays that the existence is not the only thing present in this universe but its possible is way too similarly essential. It really is the potential which comes into the existence and it is the existence which disappears and lowers alone into a potential (i.e. a potential to exist). Don’t forget here that the potential (in the form of neutrinos) comes into the existence (pair of the electron and the positron) and the existence movees into inexistence and turns into a potential. Possible is only a likelihood; it is only a probability. It isn’t going to exist, it is inexistent but it can offer delivery to the existence. The science is declaring that the existence and the non existence are two factors of the same thing. They both are inter-convertible.

Get a quick pause. Our language is being strand so forthhed to its highest to explain this notion of existence and the non existence. It is against all the arguments that the existence and non-existence both are the same. Arguments fall short to elaborate how a thing can be existent and non-existent simultaneously; how an existing thing can be an in-existing thing. How these two can correspond to the same….. (thing, existence, matter, item, contradiction, non-existence nothing is suitready here as a term). This is again a limitation of the language to explain the world. Languages develop a contradiction when they’re utilised to describe the world. (And the Learned kinds argue about the contradictions in outlining the God which is all bordering; reference to my article “God of Contradiction”).

1 thing that surfaces here is that the languages are only for serving the regime needs. When used to describe the existence or non-existence of the God they begin giving complications. So anytime somebody is to notify some thing about the existence, the world or the God or the essence or the Absolute, all points can not be verbally talkd. Any interaction with verbal expressions is sure to create contradictions. To be free of charge from contradiction it need to be consisting of some non verbal ingredient of communication.

The problem with this non verbal component of communication is with its communicability. How one would communicate that non verbal component of communication to other people. Perhaps it cannot be. So the receiver would incorporate to be fieldive to that extent. He has to develop his own methodology to discover what was infact communicated by way of that non verbal component of communication. It is very achievable that the transmitter is transmitting something diverse from what is actually being acquired by the recipient.

This non verbal component of communication would usually form the foundation of the expertise (if this word may possibly be used for the knowledge) of the absolute or the God or the existence and it’s going to be subjective only. Consequently any absolute knowledge will have an essential subjective component. With out this subjective component a knowledge cannot be entire; it wouldn’t be able to recognize the contradictions involved and also the probabilities of existence.

For individuals who do not locate this complexity of the subject very fascinating, we go back to the interesting level. There are some who say that the enjoy is God. There are some others who say that the reality is God. Nonetheless there are some more who say that the cosmetic is God. You aren’t at flexibility to say that it is not God. It is the subjectivity of the man or woman nervous which quotes what is God and it is this subjectivity only which extra establishes as what is knew by the God. It is again possible that the envision of God in your thoughts may be absolutely different from the picture of God in other’s mind. There is certainly no aim scale to evaluate the attributes of the God so as to broadcast them for all.

If for you the love is God, even then you cannot determine objectively the nature of the love and the God, which is satisfactory to all others. So depart defining the love and the God. Be the love so to be the God. You cannot know the God. For if you declare to know the God then it would be attacked by subjective arguments regarding your knowledge and you’d not be in a position to explain it as it would be that contains a non verbal component of subjectivity. This non verbal component of subjectivity is incapable of being expressed. So never know what cannot be known.

The God, the Life, the Essence, the Absolute etc cannot be set by the science or the reason or the arguments or any other objective criterion. At some point it has to have some subjective component of knowing. Below again a threat has crept into. Somebody may argue that The God, the Existence, the Essence, the Absolute etc all rely on the comprehension and thus if one, say an nuts, does not comprehend them, would it be the end of The God, the Existence, the Essence, the Absolute etc.

It is filed by the writer please do not lead the verbal arguments. They do not correspond to the reality in entirety.

Be love and attain the Godship. If for you the truth is the God then be the truth and attain the Godship. If the beauty is the God for you then do not attempt to know the beauty, much better is to be the beauty to increase to the Godship. Don’t know the God, do not try to establish the God argumentatively it is misleading. Be the God, attain the Godship.

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