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Zeroboys Biography Photos Wallpapers

Steve (Daniel Hirsch), Larry (Tom Shell), and Rip (Jared Moses) are part of a paintball team named “The Zero Boys”. After winning a paintball tournament, they decide to celebrate. Along for the ride are Larry’s girlfriend Trish (Crystal Carson), Rip’s girlfriend Sue (Nicole Rio), and Jamie (Kelli Maroney). Steve “won” a date with Jamie after he and Casey, the opposing team’s ringleader and Jamie’s boyfriend, utilised Jamie as a wager. Jamie, by natural means, just isn’t thrilled with this revelation but decides to go along with Steve and his friends.

En route to their destination, Jamie spots what she believes to be a woman running through the woods. The team takes place upon a house in the middle of the forest. While it’s obviously been lived in, the owners are not at home. While Jared Moses as Rip presents some welcome comic relief, a storm develops and the gang decides to take shelter in the house until it passes.

As the night progresses, strange events begin to happen. There is a menacing, unintelligible voice on the phone. Trish sees someone watching her from a hole in the ceiling. A scream is heard from a barn. The men go to the barn and discover a makeshift torture chamber. A woman’s corpse is identified in a trunk inside the house.

Soon it turns into apparent that the six are being stalked and hunted by strangers who are hiding in the woods.

Name Zeroboys
Day of Birth 1986
Place of Birth
Famous for

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